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Evermore Sound Recording Studio Orlando

Evermore Sound is a state-of-the-art recording studio located minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida.

Since opening its doors March 2012, Evermore sound has recorded many projects including artists such as Iyaz (Replay), Syko (Don Amor), Plaid & Pearl, Bootes, Groove Stain, Tres en Uno, Apollo Electric, Vito Banga (Nappy Roots), Syko (Don Amor), Steven Dorian (Rockappella) and many more.

Housed in 3000 sq/ft facility, the studio boasts a large 22’ x 34’ tracking room and a spacious control room of 20’ x 32’ as well as a comfortable lounge with all amenities.

The control room is built around the Amek Mozart Rupert Neve console which has 40 inputs of awesome Neve mic pres and Eqs; this console was used to record India Ari’s Grammy winning album.

The studio has an extensive collection of recording equipment including instruments and amps such as Gibson & Fender, Marshall & Mesa Boogie, Gretsch & Pearl, vintage tube mics and top of the line new & vintage outboard gear. [See list here]

Evermore Sound uses ProTools, Nuendo or Cubase for their digital audio workstation and a plethora of world-class plugins such as UAD2, Waves, EMI, TC Electronics, etc.

Evermore Sound is owned by Producer Luke Beaulac, who has been playing and recording music since the age of twelve. Luke is also the owner of Studio 88 located in Ottawa, Canada which has been operating since 2003.

Our mission is to help musicians bring their vision to reality by offering a creative working environment. Whether an artist needs assistance with song arranging, production, or just wants ideas from a fresh pair of experienced ears, we’re ready to assist.

Be part of this new happening by recording your next project at Evermore Sound.

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